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Ask Bonnaroo

Published: 2005/04/21

Introducing Ask Bonnaroo

Welcome to our latest feature "Ask Bonnaroo." In the weeks leading up the festival, this section will give you an opportunity to hear from the individuals who work behind the scenes to create Bonnaroo's unique environment. Feel free to send us any questions that touch on Bonnaroo's past, present, and future. We can't promise that they'll have time to answer all of them, but we'll strive to keep this long and lively. Remember, for specific inquiries about logistics and other related details, you can always email Beyond that, please send your queries our way, to

A note from the folks at Bonnaroo:
Over the course of an amazing three Bonnaroos, we have received a wealth of feedback from members of the Bonnaroo community. Survey responses and tens of thousands of emails to have helped us make significant improvements to many aspects of the festival. As independent music companies, we're always looking for ways to keep the lines of communication open so that we can create the best possible experience for our community. We're excited about creating this section with so you can get answers about Bonnaroo directly from the people who produce it. Have you ever wondered how we handle traffic, or how we decide which bands play each year? Do you want to know who is behind the Bonnaroo organization? This section will give you our explanation of how we put on an unforgettable weekend of music and fun each summer in Manchester. Enjoy!

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