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Ask Bonnaroo

Published: 2005/05/11

What Does ‘Bonnaroo’ Mean and How Do you Arrive at Capacity?

What’s the origin of the name "Bonnaroo"?

The word "Bonnaroo,"popularized by New Orleans R&B giant Dr. John with his 1974 album "Desitively Bonnaroo,"is a Cajun slang word meaning "a really good time." We chose this name for its literal meaning, and also to honor the rich Louisiana music tradition that inspired our desire to provide many styles of quality live music for appreciative fans. We’re thrilled that the word "Bonnaroo" has taken on a whole new meaning for thousands of people who like to have "a really good time."

How do you decide on the size of the festival?

There are many factors that help us determine how many patrons to allow on the grounds during the festival weekend. Together, with our team of operations staff, including security, traffic, parking, and medical personnel, we map out the grounds. We look at the overall size and layout with respect to how much space we need per car and camping area (our camping area allotment exceeds the requirement in the State of Tennessee's mass gathering code). We also consider feedback from all members of our staff and attendees regarding the quality of the Bonnaroo experience. After taking all of these factors into account, we determine a capacity limit for the event.

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