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Ask Bonnaroo

Published: 2005/05/31

Looking Back: World Cup Soccer and Hotel Mishegas

There have been many activities over the years which are your favorites? Steven H

One of the coolest highlights, was in the cinema tent during the 1st Bonnaroo. The Soccer World cup was in Japan and the US somehow made it to the quarterfinals which just happened to take place at 6 am on the Saturday morning of the event. With about 1000 people we watched the US lose, but it was incredible that it was happening at Bonnaroo and the place was going wild.

Having the internet connectivity while out on a 700 acre farm I think has been certainly the most amazing aspect of our activities. The effort it takes to wire the entire site is incredible. And of course the Broo'ers Festival. Imagine every where you went for three or four days had a Beer Festival like Bonnaroo does. Especially when you don't need to drive. What an amazing development.

But this year, is going to be at an entirely different level. I'm not sure if anyone has been checking out the 'Roo Activities' section, but we've been able to incorporate a variety of new activities. We have Scratch DJ Academy where DJ's will teach you how to scratch and beat juggle, Dolby 5.1 sound (and air conditioning) in our cinema this year, the Sonic Forest will be a first for everyone at the event, as will the Silent Disco. Don't even worry about what they are. Just go check it out as you've never seen them before. It's going to be a great year. No one will be bored. Check out the 'Roo Activites' Section of the website before you come so you can see what to look out for.

When you look back at any of the Bonnaroo DVDs what moments crack you up? Dave L

Now that the event is over, I can look back and actually laugh, but it wasn't the least bit of fun when it was happening. At the '04 event we had a hotel coordinator who was supposed to be placing all of our staff, artists, sponsors, managers, family etc. in hotels. Amazingly enough, while we all thought everyone was getting placed, it turns out this person was doing nothing. She had 900 people to put in 500 rooms, and she somehow thought that when she clicked her heels, they were all going to fit. When we realized what was going on, we were only about two weeks away from the event. Needless to say we found someone else to take over, and the entire Bonnaroo team all pitched and did what they needed to make sure it wasn't a catastrophe. And I mean TEAM EFFORT as it affected everyone department of the festival. The '04 movies touches upon it in a comical moment, so now it brings a smile to my face, but back when it was happening, everyone was really stressed out.

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