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Best of 2002

Published: 2003/01/23
by Lang Manion

Allman Brothers Band, Beacon Theater, NYC- 3/23

We liked this one because it was short yet evocative
The ABB is the jamband upon which ALL jambands need to be compared in my
humble opinion. In the world of jambands they set the standard of excellence
in true jamming (not noodling or just wandering and hoping that something
kewl or creative might happen if the drugs kick in or "we get lucky and play
long enough").
The night of 3-23-02 at the Beacon was chosen because they played Whipping
Post straight into the Mountain Jam at the end for the first time since
Duane had passed away according to Butch. His tympani roll at the end of WP
just kept going and picked up the slight variation which carried it into the
Mtn Jam absolutley perfectly. Gregg’s singing and the bands tempo on the WP
are epic = clear voiced and Fillmore East Fast….yes indeedy.

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