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Best of 2002

Published: 2003/01/23
by Ed Dudko

The Disco Biscuits, Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, 12/31

My favorite concert of 2002 goes to the Disco Biscuits 12/31/02 NYE extravaganza. Having witnessed the previous mind-numbing shows at the Electric Factory, it seemed that anything would be possible for the final night of a three-day run. As soon as the band took stage it was clear that they were going to be "on" as they performed an excellent first set, opening with the spacey "Floes > Mindless Dribble > Floes" that would set the mood for the second set. The band came out in spacesuits to perform "The Disco Biscuits Retrospective", which seamlessly molded into one of the most brain-bending sets since 9/1/01 (and trust me, there have been many of them). With space monkeys starting the countdown the band went into the set that the fans voted for two nights earlier. The idea of having the fans pick a set for NYE seemed like an interesting idea, but I was worried about getting a setlist with too many songs and not enough substance in the jams. My fears were soon put to rest, and I thought it was foolish that I ever doubted the fans ability to pick an excellent setlist and for The Disco Biscuits to masterfully execute it. What went on next was a two-hour plus trance-fusion fest that never became anything less than fantastic. To try and pick out a single highlight of this amazing second set would be blasphemous against any other part of this gem. "Run Like Hell > Astronaut > Rock Candy > Save the Robots > Rock Candy > Astronaut > Run Like Hell" One word: beautiful. When the second set ended I stood frozen from the godly music that had just been played. I anxiously waited for the third set. When it finally started, it elegantly filled my ears with more divine music. The night sublimely ended with "Home Again" in testament to the Disco Biscuits announcing, after the NYE countdown, that they would be working, once again, out of Philly. The Disco Biscuits are the best band that you can see today, and to miss a chance to see them would be a crime against music. Check them out now, instead of saying later, "Why haven’t I seen them play sooner?"

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