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Best of 2002

Published: 2003/01/23
by Larry Bressler

The Other Ones, Oakland Coliseum, 12/31

Picking a favorite show presents a problem for me, in that I was blessed to
see over 100 live shows this past year, as a result I submit the following:
From a strictly scenic aspect (as well as awesome music) I would pick the
String Cheese Incident show on Sunday 2/17/02 in Lahanina Hawaii.
From a level of Personal intimacy and up close contact, I would definitely
choose the private Keller Williams show that was hosted by and as a birthday
party for my good friend Eric Burns at his parents house in Brentwood,
California on Monday 3/11/02.
From a perspective of high energy and large crowd participation, I would
pick the Radiators set (I’ve been a fish head since 1984) at Jazz festival
at the Fairgrounds in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday 5/5/02.
From a feeling of nostalgia and oneness with my roots (my first Dead show
was with a St. Stephen at Hartford Connecticut on 10/15/83) I would
definitely choose either of the two Other Ones shows at Alpine Valley,
Wisconsin on August 3rd and 4th of 2002.
However, after an amazing year filled with music, seeing everyone listed
(some quite a few times, as well as almost everyone associated with the "Jam
Band" scene at least once) and all that the music fulfilled me with, it took
until the last night of the year, seeing the Other Ones at the Oakland
Coliseum (it was my first New Years Eve off in 9 years) and seeing an old
friend who walked me on stage for two minutes during the second set, being
only five feet await from Mickey Hart, that was truly my favorite show, the
magic is back, we will always miss Jerry but these boys still know how to
throw down!

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