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Best of 2002

Published: 2003/01/23
by B Colmery

Yonder Mountain String Band, Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO- 4/20

I saw A LOT of good shows in 2002. Trey Band at Red Rocks. Rockygrass. MMW at the Fillmore. Particle’s and JFJO’s Boulder-Denver runs. Phil and Willie at Red Rocks. Robert Walter’s 20th Congress all over. STS9 at Mishiwaka. Some flatout ass-shakin’ insanity-inducing musical experiences. Definite highlights of my year.
But the YMSB 4/20 Burndown transcended them all. Musically, it was as on as it could be. Four guys standing up there doing all THAT with stringed instruments. It was beautiful.
The music wasn’t the only thing, though. This show was one of those rare moments, one of those times when you get to have a truly communal, shared experience with a band. It was THEIR moment. Up and coming band finally plays the place they never imagined playing. First time headlining. Biggest concert yet. And it was a SELLOUT.
No other concert I went to—and I went to 30 or 40—matched that level of energy and electricity in the air. We were all in on their little secret->that this was the moment they all realized that all the hard work was worth it. And everyone there could feel it.
I’ve been to an insane number of concerts in the last few years. Most of them have been excellent musical experiences. Rarely, however, have they given me that feeling that something truly special was happening, something that was just as overwhelming to the band as it was to the audience. The band had transcended itself.
Being able to witness that first hand is largely why I go to concerts. To be honest, I think this may have been the only concert I saw in 2002 where it actually happened.

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