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Columns > Annabel Lukins - Both Sides of the Rail

Published: 2009/10/22

At Budokan (Or Thereabouts)

At the Ryokan, it’s all about “simplicity,” this elegant room is where we ate and slept. This is the place that we soaked in the onsens, which are hot pools

Next stop, Koya-san, the home of the Buddhist Monastery where we were guests at this Inn. Notice Peter’s expression, “DUDE, WE ARE STAYING HERE!”

This was the most incredible structure I saw the entire trip, called Konpon Daito (pagoda). The photo does NOTHING to scale the actual size of it. It’s HUUGE and actually took my breath away

We were allowed to bring cameras into the temple where we watched the monks chant at 6:00am

There were two services. You saw the photo from the first one; this one was a FIRE Ceremony, which exemplifies spiritual wisdom and purification

The beautiful walls at our Monastery Inn

Off to Kyoto! Here the Moss Garden glistened in the sun

Peter and I ran the bell of fertility at the Golden Pavilion.

The Golden Pavilion was STRIKING!

Back in downtown Kyoto, the Yasaka Pagoda shocked me!

This unique “sport” is called Cormorant Fishing: Here, master trainers of cormorants dressed in ancient costume freely manipulate 10-12 wild sea fish to skillfully catch small trout. It was a MEMORABLE experience!

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