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Columns > Annabel Lukins - Both Sides of the Rail

Published: 2010/01/28
by Annabel Lukins

Postcards from Julie McCoy

We invited Robert Walter to perform solo in the atrium. He agreed but asked if a few of his friends (Karl and Stanton) could sit in with him. Of COURSEEEE! The result was a beautiful jazz compilation in a tranquil setting.

Theme night one: Superheroes & Villains. I absolutely HAD to take Corey Parker into my possession and force the lasso of truth on him

Sunset on board the MSC Poesia – how gorgeous is Jam Cruise?

I have been seeing Maceo Parker since 1995. He is one of my heroes. So to have him on board Jam Cruise satiated a musical fantasy of mine. He’s wonderful, simply wonderful. It was Logic’s idea to take this photo. GREAT IDEA!

Robert Walter and I have been closer because of Jam Cruise. This is my favorite photo of the two of us ever

This photo of Ivan and me captures the essence of our friendship. We are bonded in way that is indescribable.

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