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Published: 2010/01/28
by Annabel Lukins

Postcards from Julie McCoy

My husband and I took a moment for a stunning sunset.

Krazzzzz – he’s another one who I have become quite friendly with because of Jam cruise. The two of us are a team….we love and support each other to no end. And it ALL started back in the days of Wetlands, over 10 years ago.

Terrance Higgins & Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews are both phenomenal musicians and were a complete joy to have on board.

Pretty Lights was one of the most ridiculous late night pool deck sets in HISTORY! Derek CRUSHED it in ways I have never witnessed someone do before. Here, we had to get our strength back with some milk at 4am.

How can I ever put into mere words the love I have for Karl Denson? He’s my boy! The man honored me by playing at my wedding and he inspires me by being a crazy friend I can always call about anything imaginable. And so when I called him and suggested that he resurrect his “Coming to America” persona, he wasn’t just open to it… his creativity just couldn’t be stopped. Randy Watson was reborn to bring Jam Cruisers songs like “The Love Boat” and “Sailing” in that inimitable way only a band called Sexual Chocolate could. Karl, you’ve been an integral part of every Jam Cruise, and each year you make it even more special than the last. You never cease to amaze me with your talent, your love or your beautiful spirit. You make Jam Cruise so amazing for so many people. And I feel blessed to say you do the same for my life.

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