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Published: 2010/05/19
by Annabel Lukins

There’s Nothing Like New Orleans

Late night – KDTU at Tips. I love hanging with that band, and we always tend to get a little silly

The cuteness factor of Terence Higgins & Ron Johnson is at an ultimate high, even at 4:00am

Next day, back at the fairgrounds, I had to go backstage after the New Orleans Social Club played and meet Leo Nocentelli as he is a special guest on Jam Cruise 9. He’s quite a cool cat

With so much of New Orleans devastated after Katrina, rebuilding performing arts facilities took time and effort. The incredible Mahalia Jackson Theater was one of the effected locations that have just re-opened. It’s GORGEOUS inside and a perfect venue for Gov’t Mule to shine

The backstage hang was great and Scott Metzger and I took a moment to hug

I definitely wasn’t going to miss out on a friendly moment with Danny Louis

Although I didn’t take photos of every show we went to that night, we hit five from 9pm – 5am. Here, Nigel had just finished playing with Some Cat From Japan at Tips French Quarter. We were all outside figuring out our next move…I mean, the night was young at only 4:00am, right? For the record, I fully support the career of Nigel Hall. He’s one to watch.


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Mahar February 14, 2012, 03:29:23

I didn’t resdie in NOLA proper, but on the outer fringes of Metro New Orleans. We moved out four years before Katrina moved in… and destroyed the vital city I knew and loved. I’ve been back five times, way less than Geo and Laura, and it breaks my heart. Bush carries a lot of blame, but it isn’t his alone. The city should have been much better prepared for something that had to happen at some point in time. It’s a lazy government down there, on both sides of the political fence. They don’t call it ‘The Big Easy’ for nothing. I don’t care who happened to be presdient, it would have been a disaster at half the toll. But it does seem that our response to a tsunami on the other side of the world is quicker to our own wounds. That’s inexcusible.

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