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Published: 2011/03/17
by Annabel Lukins

Best Jam Cruise Ever (Again)

I know that I just gushed about Ron Johnson being my “brother” but I think Ivan and I were twins separated at birth. We meet on a deep and spiritual level that I just can’t describe. We connect in a way like two people meant to be in each other’s lives. And I have no problem giving him shit if he gets out of line.

The Gentle Giant, Zach Deputy, is one of the greatest hidden talents. He starts to sing, strums his guitar, and mouths drop wide open. He’s so unassuming; he’s beyond sweet and a true pleasure to have on board.

Kraz….I could write a whole piece about this guy. I’ve been a fan since Lettuce hit the east coast in the early 90’s. That was even before Soulive was a band! So for around 15 years, I’ve been captured by Kraz’s sound. And ever since Jam Cruise started, we became great friends. I mean the kind of friends that talk on the phone and share secrets. Real friends. It makes me so happy to be in his life.

Jesus what do I do with this guy? Love him to pieces!!!!! I am proud to say that I have had a hand in supporting the New Mastersounds career since they started to cross the Atlantic. I’m a funk girl, so when they first came on the scene, they played at Langerado in Florida and I happen to mention to Simon that we MAY put an offer in for them on Jam Cruise. So what did Simon do? He announced on stage that they were going to be getting a Jam Cruise offer. Thank god my boss didn’t kill me but I definitely had “words” with Simon. Well, this was their 3rd time on Jam Cruise and they played better than ever before. I am also so impressed with Simon who had a fantastic costume for each of the theme nights, including the UNOFFICIAL Zebra Night!

Sweet Jenny…an angel sent from heaven with a voice that soars through the sky and touches our hearts. Even at 4:00am in the Disco, I can’t imagine not being around her. She’s literally a gift that was sent to all of us from God. Nuff said.

Sleeper Set of the week – Big Gigantic boys, Dominic Lalli & Jeremy Salkan are really making a name for themselves. I’ve known Dom for years through the Motet in Boulder. He’s always been an ubber talented sax player but seemed to get lost in the shuffle. We put them in our contest called Vote to the Boat last year. They didn’t win but seemed to have a bunch of fans behind their music. I had seen them a handful of times in the past but it had been a while. All I knew is that they were the first band that participated in our contest that we had ever made an official offer to.

I was BLOWN away at how good they had gotten, how danceable their music was and how they held a crowd in an ongoing beat for hours. It was hands down the Sleeper Set of the cruise. I don’t think anyone realized how outstanding their set would be. Bravo Boys!

Jam Cruise is a music lovers dream come true. We have all spent time in fields of mud with nasty porta-potties and 60,000 people in line to get a bottle of water. Jam Cruise is complete opposite of that. Warm tropical weather, cabin steward making your beds, intimate setting, constant interactions with the artists, building friendships that grow each year on board and so much more. But it’s really about the music, the 4 shows going on at once right near each other – none of them crowded, the collaborations, the never-to-be-seen-again jams, the vibe.

What is true happiness? By definition, it’s state of well being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. I feel all of those and so many more when it comes to Jam Cruise.

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