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Published: 2011/12/10
by Annabel Lukins

Bonnaroo Revisited

This is STILL (and my previous columns will reflect) my favorite photo from Thursday. It gets me so excited for the weekend. I noticed something new this year. The speed limit around the exits of Manchester is usually 65 but for Bonnaroo, they take them down to 55. Smart, I’d say!

The city of Bonnaroo, TN exists as an actual city for the weekend. Russ Bennett and his imaginative visual design help create that vibe. We have a real post office right on site where you can mail letters, packages, etc…So of course we have to have a real mailbox.

The build of the site is so much fun. Here, the famous green glowing letters had yet to be properly placed on the What Stage.

Just like in the 60s where the name was coined, Bonnaroo too builds Tent City. You can rent a tent and a cot for the weekend!

Even though he looks like a bastard child of Eric Clapton, Trey, along with hundreds of other familiar faces were painted around the cite. The design crew listed every single artist that has played at Bonnaroo to celebrate the X.

Oh the sweet Sonic Village, my baby…here she is during the build, the calm before the storm

I have some weird obsession with the Which Stage. I also have a crazy obsession with the Bonnaroo Sunsets. Here, they both glow to end the day and welcome the night.

If you ever wondered where the name Bonnaroo came from, I’ll tell ya. Dr John had an album called Desitively Bonnaroo, (which means good times.) On the album cover was this awesome purple fuzzy hat. The signature arch was decorated to commemorate the namesake. The projecting lights could be seen from anywhere on site and the disco ball lit up the entire arch. Not only was it a BEAUTIFUL visual, but more creative than imaginable.

Top Chef is one of my favorite shows and I absolutely geeked out over seeing Tom Collichio, who comes each year with his family.

Friday morning yoga in Planet Roo. Time for a Triangle!

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