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Published: 2012/05/05
by Annabel Lukins

Sharing in the Holidaze and Panic en la Playa

Widespread Panic has been one of my favorite bands since 1997. So how blessed was I to have a hand in booking them for Panic en la Playa? Beyond blessed. The band, the fans…they had the best time possible.

And how cool was this pyramid right in the middle of the sand where we all danced? It was there for days, everyone respecting the effort that went into it. Creator: Anonymous.

Not only was Mayan Holidaze flooded with Coloradoans, but Panic was the same way. Colorado kids just LOVE live music and KNOW the benefit of a Cloud 9 Adventure…our friend Diana made home state shirts and we organized an awesome photo.

After 9 days of working hard, I needed a little OM. Thanks to my buddy David for helping me sit and meditate for 5 seconds.

Widespread Panic just celebrated their 25th anniversary. The fans came up with a great theme night to help show the boys some appreciation: Silver Night! It was a full-out sparkle party.

I love my friends. And I do my best to be a good friend to them. Well, I was told to be by the stage at 5pm the last night. A bunch of them got together to show their gratitude for the event by giving me a silver frame with the event name and a big “We love you, Annabel.” I cried…seriously cried.

I didn’t know WHAT was going on but I knew it was some sort of surprise. So I told Dave Vann to meet us there and he took a wonderful photo that I put into that gorgeous frame…life is good.

My sweet friend Dave Schools…We’ve been buddies for 12 years. It’s a very real friendship, one that brings both of us a lot of joy.

That’s right kids, Widespread Mother Fuckin Panic…25 years of incredible music, an amazing scene. Fans are serious about their band and this event was quite a testament to the musicians and their loyal followers…It was pure magic. Now, I only hope we get to do it again.

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