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Published: 2001/07/19
by Dean Budnick


Before I move on to the new issue, a big thank you to everyone who participated, attended and worked at the Jammys. It was a fine, fine night. Plenty of quality stories too many of which will leak out of me in the days to come. Above all I think that the show reflected the diversity of sounds that many of have embraced over the past few years (in fact, moving on to the new issue, Dan Alford does a fine job of articulating this view in the essay he wrote on the subject).

What's next? We have a few ideas that we may pursue in the months to come in terms of live events, etc. Actually one cool thing that has come out of the show, is we've received some inquiries from media outlets about broadcasting next year's show. So for all of you in other parts of the country who emailed me and asked about it (and for those on the moe-l, who worked up a pretty funny thread on this subject), it may actually happen in 2002. We'll see…

Okay, onto the new issue…The past few months I've been quite happy with the depth and breadth of our feature stories and this month is no exception. We have quality interviews and articles on a solid cross-section of bands including Blues Traveler, Deep Banana Blackout, DJ Logic, Yonder Mountain String Band, The New Deal, Robert Randolph and more…In addition, our regular writers continue to offer up insight and humor in their sections (with some cosmic tips as well via Astrojams). Of course on a daily basis, Jeff Waful busts his hump to bring us the news and Jesse Jarnow wakes up early so that I can satisfy my setlist fix over that first cup of coffee. One area that we are still working on is our Show Reviews section. As many of you know, the Regional Reports section morphed into Show Reviews, but we're still working to present consistent, quality content. If you wish to contribute, please float a review or an idea for a review my way (

Other than that, all seems to be going well. Festival season is here and following a post-Jammys self-imposed-semi-exile I expect to return to action with at least two festival weekends under my belt by next month. Hopefully I'll see you out there…

later days and peace,


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