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Published: 2001/09/19
by Dean Budnick


This is the thirty-seventh editorial I’ve written as we begin our fourth year of and as I’m sure you can imagine, it is the most difficult. Events of the past two weeks certainly overshadow much of what I might have otherwise said regarding our milestone. Instead I would like to convey my own sentiments of hope and resolve (while encouraging all of you to make donations if possible- perhaps, to the Red Cross, or my wife’s team at the United Way).
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I’ll be honest, on Friday the 14th, just days after the tragedy, I was not motivated to go out and see music. I was somewhat paralyzed by what had taken place and it just didn’t feel right for me to immerse myself in sounds. However, moe. bass player Rob Derhak’s strongly worded message ultimately inspired me to leave the house to check out moe. at the Orpheum in Boston (in part to see how they would respond in the light of his statement). It turned out to be a powerful, cathartic night from the opening notes of ‘Captain America’ through the much-anticipated ‘New York City’ encore, with candlelighting ceremonies out on Boston Common prior to the show and during the set break. Of course this is not to say that the night left me fully "healed." Six mornings later, tears dribbled into my coffee as I read the story of a local boy’s reaction to learning that his mother had been on one of the flights. To me this simply says that our paths will not be linear. However, as long as we can stay focused and supportive, we should emerge cognizant and respectful of the past but ready to embrace the future. I really do think music, and in particular live music, can be a powerful part of that journey for many of us. So head out to a show and feel those vibrations. To paraphrase moe., New York City is all about those cab rides at 5AM. I hope it will feel that way for me again soon.

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