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Published: 2001/12/19
by Dean Budnick


Ahh the glory of the holiday party, you should have been there. David Steinberg and Jeff Waful wobbling across the room, arm-in-arm talking Phish and collectively resenting the Yankees. Jesse Jarnow, parrot on shoulder, celery stalk in mouth, swinging from the curtains Douglas Fairbanks style. Cosmic Zink, Dan Alford and Pro Pearson placing hot and cold appetizers on the floor in binary patterns to create the image of the late, lamented Wetlands lounge, in code. The majesty that is DNA, swapping campaign stories with
Okay, okay none of this happened. Frankly none of these people have ever been in the same room together (or even the same concert setting, although Im sure there were a few times when we were close. Exactly when? Your guess is as good as mine so feel free to email me your thoughts here). My point? Well its that old end-of-the-year-reflection-convention that seems to grip us all. This is the 40th monthly editorial Ive written here at and the reason that Ive had anything to prattle about is the collective efforts of the aforementioned folks (and many, many more) who share their passion and commitment with all of us. I marvel at what weve done and I hail these folks well met (nearly) along with you, our readers. Of course I also want to express my appreciation for the good folks at Relix who continue to make things lively and engaging, along with Erik Roberts our webMASTER.
BTW, before I start yapping about our new issue I want to remind you that some of the new elements Ive mentioned in the past are now in place including Pete Shapiros American Road," our new store”:, and the NYE page. Theres more on the way too.
Oh yes, we have a new issue here. I really enjoyed Rob Johnsons essay on Jimi Hendrix and he hit the daily double with his fine Jeff Coffin interview as well. Beyond that we offer interviews and essays on many subject, including:“moe.”:, North Mississippi Allstars, Bela Fleck, The Big Wu and Yonder Mountain String Band. For a full list of new content visit our features, CD reviews, Departments, and Columns. Oh yes, and dont forget our show reviews or Charts either. So poke around…
Enjoy your holidays and Ill see you in January (here well have plenty of year-end, wrap-up stuff and cool new content as well).
Later days and peace,

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