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Published: 2002/01/24
by Dean Budnick


January brings us into 2002 and with it our "Year In Review" issue. To prep, for starters I read back through all of our news stories from the past twelve months and what amazed me was not only the pure volume of events but the accelerated rate of some developments. For instance in the case of Robert Randolph (I mention him because I am listening to his Live at the Wetlands disc as I type), over the span of a year he went from a near-unknown outside of his church to an oft-solicited collaborator and budding hero. Or how about the Gov’t Mule album which began with a session during the Phil and Friends New Year’s run and then blossomed over the course of the year into the Deep End Vol. 1 with another volume and a DVD to follow (I mention this because I listened to the Deep End Vol. 1 just prior to Live at the Wetlands).
At any rate take a look at our ‘News in Review’ article along with the accompanying pieces on our editors/contributors favorite shows and the year-end charts. There’s other fine stuff too including features on Steve Kimock, Galactic, Jazz Mandolin Project, Robert Walter and Jack Casady. For a full list visit our features page. Oh, yes, and be sure to hit our CD reviews, Departments, Columns, show reviews and Charts as well.
BTW, these days, the question I receive more than any other both via email in person is ‘What’s up with the Jammys?’ Well I can tell you that everything is well underway. In addition, last year a number of people who live outside the northeast asked if they would have an opportunity to check out the event in the splendor of their own homes. We’ll as they say stay tuned, we’ll have a big announcement soon…
later days and peace,

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