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Published: 2002/06/28
by Dean Budnick


Were out of the gates a few days late this month so thank you for your patience. As Im sure many of you have guessed, Bonnaroo really kicked us in the ass (in the best way possible).
If you were down there I hope you picked up a copy of the Bonnaroo Beacon. I have to admit that things started slowly (quite literally- it turns out that two hours of PageMaker lessons didnt rate me Jedi status) but by the twelve page finale on Sunday I was pleased (and nearly timely). My thanks to our friends at TotalGraphics for their patience, good fellowship and road maps.
As for the current issue, were featuring some of the content from the Beacon in order to give you a flavor of what we had going on (although you really need to have the newsprint come off on your fingers to appreciate the paper in all its splendor). Beyond that we have an interesting mix of stuff: an interview with Rusted Roots Jenn Wertz, a piece on Ravi Shankar and Indian music, an article on the Day By The River reunion, a look back at the Last Waltz and plenty more…
Festival season continues in July so I would imagine well have High Sierra and Gathering of the Vibes content in the next issue. Part Two of our Trey Anastasio reader interview will appear as well. So theres cool stuff on the horizon as well (including the Jammys). So hang on and Ill see you out there…
Later days and peace,

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