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Published: 2002/09/25
by Dean Budnick


The countdown is underway so please excuse me for being excessively- Jammys this month. The show has been so long in the making thats its hard to restraint myself (and the fact that it promises memorable moments aplenty along with a cool surprise or three only compounds matters). What I can tell you is this, if you and you dig the music we cover on the site (and you must if youre reading this- or youre lost, Box Scores are here) then come join us on October 2 you will not be disappointed
Okay, let me talk up this months issue a bit. Our features reflect a solid cross-section of whats going out there, with articles on, among others, Mickey Hart, Kyle Hollingsworth, Graham Nash, and Snake Oil Medicine Show. In addition, once more, we highlight one of departments- this month its our comedy section, Inaudible Hiss with Brian Ferdmans The Tale of the Tape: NFL Football vs. Jambands. We also have our second article on the music of the Weather Channel (Who knew?) Ralph Diekempers You Don’t Know Me But You’ve Heard Me, all our regular columns, departments, CD Reviews and Charts.
Okay, I apologize for the brevity, its back to Jammys business for me. Did I mention that Im Jammys?
Se you on the 2nd
Later days and peace,

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