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Published: 2004/10/30
by Dean Budnick


Okay, before I get started let’s jump to the PSA...


There you have it. I know you’ve seen this many other times but please make an effort to head out to the polls on Tuesday, it really does matter. With all that’s happening in the world it is not time to abstain (please, for the sake of my kids, your kids, all kids…)

As for my monthly photo, here is what I should have posted last month…

There you have it an image from the moe.down m-o-e-. tournament. That’s my head in the bottom right. Alas, eventual winner Kevin Flinn took me out in the quarter-finals, ending my dreams of stepping on stage and handing a trophy to myself (I suppose there’s always the Jammys…No, actually there isn’t, well there is the Jammys but thankfully I won’t be nominated any time soon).

Okay enough blathering, on to the matter at hand, the current issue…Truthfully, I’ll rarely squawk about my own pieces but Danny Louis is such a fascinating guy that I really encourage you to learn about his life after bell’s palsy. What else? I really enjoyed Mike Greenhaus’ conversation with Jeff Mattson, it’s rather impressive that the Tricksters have been at it for a quarter century (yes, I know, originally as the Volunteers). Above all else, though I really encourage you to check out our CD Reviews. Jesse Jarnow and our team of reviewers cover a wide range of music every month, and I’ll be honest, as we assemble the site, it the first section I read…

Okay that’s it for it to now but I case I forgot to mention it…


later days and peace,

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