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Published: 2006/12/27
by Dean Budnick

Heady Lieutenants

The phrase is Mike Greenhaus’s although the sentiment is mine as well. No, I’m not talking about “post-jam.” Frankly, I’m not sure if I buy into Mike’s patent-pending new catch phrase (even if he does slip it into the daily news with increasing regularity, and yes, I know technically that would be trademark-pending although that doesn’t quite carry the alliterative power. At ay rate it appears the Village Voice has poached it anyhow). Nonetheless, our own Jesse Jarnow appears to have given the phrase his benediction (of sorts).

No, I’m talking instead about “heady lieutenants.” One day in early December as Mike and I tossed flame-engulfed lawn darts across the editorial suite (or perhaps shared a phone call), we talked about drawing in additional contributors.

“I think I can find you some heady lieutenants,” MG offered.

And so he has. Or least it’s in motion.

At any rate, the call is now out there. If you’d like to start adding your voice into the mix then please let us know. Float an email in this direction and share your thoughts. We hope to add new personalities, new perspectives to over the coming months. That’s what keeps things vital and exciting.

Speaking of which, I hereby pledge to spiffy things up a bit on the site in 2007 (I believe spiffy is indeed the technical term here). We’ve been talking for a long while about a redesign and it looks like it is FINALLY imminent. We’re going add some new content areas as well, so again, please send me your thoughts on what you’d like to see on the site (and if part of what you’d like to see is your byline, so much the better)

Well, I’m off to start my own NYE run, enjoy the shows and I’ll see you next year

Later days and peace,

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