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Published: 2008/09/05
by Dean Budnick

The Chuck Wagon

As most of you likely are aware, moe. has announced that it will be off the road for the remainder of 2008, pledging to return in the indeterminate future (here’s guessing the band will be back next spring). So with moe.down looming, it seemed like a fitting time to speak with the group’s Chuck Garvey.

We’ve had a longstanding dialogue with the band over the years and back in 2001 even created a special moe. “insert” to mark the group’s first decade.

However, my conversation with Chuck proves all the more fitting given the history of this site. Ten years ago we launched and our lead feature was an interview withMr. Chuck Garvey.

When we were still in the process of envisioning back in 1998, our aim was to cover certain groups in depth, providing insight, updates and other geeky goodness at time when few other media outlets took interest in these bands (beyond some superficial snickering and dismissive comments, which has changedto a degree). Over those ten years, I’m quite happy to say that broader coverage of many groups (including moe.) has certainly ticked upward but our focus and mission remains the same (see “geeky goodness” above).

So in many respects we’ve come full-circle with our Chuck Garvey feature, even as we keep bounding forward (for more on that, in terms of an aesthetic site overhaul, please stay tuned) I’m not all that keen on prognostication but my gut tells me that we’ll be carving out room for moe.’s 20th anniversary in 2011

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