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Published: 2009/02/24
by Dean Budnick

Where Heads Head

Somewhere around here I have a shirt circa 2001. The shirt offers up our brand-spanking new tag: “Get Your Groove On-Line” as well as a number of others that people suggested but never quite took the brass ring.

Here are a few that spring to mind (most of which I believe made it to the shirt)

I can feel it tingle while it’s working

In groove we trust

Always crunchy, never stale

Not just for wookies anymore

Your Patch to the Board

Where Heads head

As you may surmise I bring this up because we’re FINALLY going to change things up. We have a redesign on the docket, with a bit more to follow. In conjunction , we’re putting out the call to all of you to help spiff things up a bit. Indeed, as we just reported in “The Latest”:

Send Us Your Taglines

It looks like our oft-teased and long overdue revamp now looms. As part of this we’d like to swap out our tagline, "Get Your Groove On-Line" and we are hoping you can help. So please think about it and send some suggestions our way. If we use yours, we promise to reward you with a box of goodies, including an old-school Tour Poster, a Relix Subscription, Jammys swag and more. Send potential taglines to

Please do.

Here’s my contribution. How about Need We Say More?

Just a thought.

Please send us yours

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