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Published: 2009/06/28
by Dean Budnick

No, Really, Join Us (Triumph Delayed and A Hitchcock Moment)

I have a story about Bruce Springsteen, Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog and Al Schnier for you but I’m going to let that simmer a bit.

Until then, let me just remind all of you to Join Us!.

What else is new? Well somehow, I stumbled into this photo opp at Bonnaroo

(Yes, I have my dork on with the PawSox hat and Phish Fenway shirt…)

Speaking of Bonnaroo, in case you didn’t notice (and I think I can fairly assume you didn’t), I dropped myself into the Thursday Bonnaroo Beacon, Alfred Hitchcock, style, check it out…

The Caption read ‘No caption needed,’ of course.

later days and peace,

P.S. Oh yes and can I beseech you to Join Us!? :)

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