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Published: 2013/07/24
by Dean Budnick

Good Vibes

Earlier this year I traveled to Austin to speak at the International Music Festival Conference. It was an enjoyable few days and my charge was to offer a perspective on ticketing along with a general take on fests.

As I looked out into the audience I was pleased to see Ken Hays, the founder of the Gathering of the Vibes in the audience. I first encountered him back in the day when he founded Terrapin Tapes and we made sure to secure our inventory of DATs from him to tape and dub shows. Our encounter in Austin was one of the few times I can remember seeing Ken outside the festival grounds of the Vibes, as of late (the other that jumps to mind is the final Jammys where he raged it side stage as Roy Haynes, James Carter, Nicholas Payton, Christian McBride ands Page McConnell performed “Cars Trucks Buses”). I was happy to see Ken not only because I have known him for many years but also because part of my remarks focused on the Vibe Tribe. Ken has done a wonderful job of nurturing a community of fans over the years.

I didn’t attend the first Gathering back in 1996 but I was there in 1997. The next year I made the trek up to to Plattsburg, including a memorable ferry boat ride from Vermont. The other day I even found my 1998 press pass in the corner of a filing cabinet (see above).

Gathering of the Vibes 1998 was memorable for another reason that I will set out next month. For now, on the eve of this year’s Gathering, I just wanted to share a few thoughts and wish everyone some good Vibes.

See you out there.

Later days and peace,

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