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Published: 2008/02/24
by Evan Winiker


Though I had swore to myself that I would never see another Hayden Christianson movie, there I was on opening day, sitting in a deluxe seat ready to preview Jumper- A psychological adventure about teleportation and bad acting, what could go wrong? Let’s start with the concept: Hayden Christianson plays a young man who discovers that he has the special gift of being able to teleport from one place to another (Jumping). After fleeing his troubled home, he spends his youth robbing banks and living the high life of a 16 year old, that is until the forces that be discover his powers. Samuel L Jackson, a governement official/jumper killer, locates Christianson and attempts to kill him with a metal rod. Does this sound strange, because it gets even weirder.
After escaping Jackson’s anti-jump rod, Christianson discovers that the world is filled with jumpers, and it is also full of jumper killers-he escapes to his hometown where he finds his elementry school sweetheart, Rachel Bilson. The two begin a romantic journey around the world, going anywhere and everywhere becuase of his jumping abilities. The love boat is cut short when Jackson kidnaps Bilson and Christianson is forced to team up with another jumper to save her. exciting.
Even though the movie was "eh", the concept of jumping is kinda fascinating and the scenes that show how far he goes are pretty cool. Bilson and Christianson are dating in real life, so I thought there might be something to their romance in the film but it seemed more fake then Rosie O’Donnell in Nip/Tuck. This was a bad film, please don’t go see it.

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