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Published: 2008/05/23
by Evan Winiker

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Director: Nichollas Stoller
The deep well that is Judd Apatow’s career has not run dry, producing yet another smash hit with the rom-com Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Written by his good friend and actor Jason Segal, the film tells the story of a hollywood breakup gone wrong.
Segal stars as Peter Bretter, a young Television composer whos relationship with mega star Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) has suddenly come to a halt. Stuck in post-relationship depression, Peter seeks solace in Hawaii but runs into Marshall and her new rocker beau at his hotel. Over the next week, he tries to cope with his new single life by surfing, hiking and eating, but everywhere he turns he’s confronted by his ex and her new love. After some very funny events transpire, Peter meets Rachel Jansen (Mila Kunis), a pursor at his hotel, whom he falls for. The two hit it off on the small island of Oahu and Marshall soon learns of Peters new love- giving her second thoughts about their breakup. This is when the film hits its stride.
It is Jason Segal’s sheer brilliance that carries this film, as well as a stellar supporting cast led by the amazing Brit, Russell Brand. Brand stars as Marshall’s rocker boyfriend, Aldous Snow, a cocky, straight edge nymphomaniac who is a close second to Paul Rudd’s cameo as the surfer, Kunu. I’m not the biggest Kristen Bell or Mila Kunis fan, but both deliver good performances as leading ladies.
Though many people dont know this, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is in some ways a memior of Jason Segals mid-twenties. While on the set of Apatow’s Freaks and Geeks, Segal began to date the shows other lead, Linda Cardellini. The two dated for years until she met a famous rocker, whom she dumped the then struggling Segal for. Segal said that he reeled for months over it, I’m sure the success of Forgetting Sarah Marshall was a good payback for those harsh times.

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