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Published: 2008/02/24
by John Whitler

Green Music Gadgets

It seems that the buzz in this years campaign has revolved around the word change. No matter which party you belong to this should be a good thing. As the primary campaign continues, especially in full force for the Democrats, campaign dollars keep on flowing on ads, events, and other questionable expenses. Maybe one of the changes we need is to change the massive amounts of money spent on the campaign, but I digress.
I found an awesome blog while looking for materials for this months post. The blog is called Greenbase. I thought I would highlight some of the super cool posts that this blog has posted about recently. The blog has posted about some awesome gadgets related to music that seem to environmentally friendly.
If you are going on tour, you might need to rent a van for those long hauls. It looks like Enterprise, Alamo and National will being offering carbon offsets with your rental. At $1.25 a rental this seems like a pretty good deal, especially since the company will match the offsets up to the first million dollars spent on offsets by customers. I have previously written about the effectiveness of offsets, so the company is going a step further to also underwrite the planting on 50 million trees. –
While in your rental van, you made need some extra entertainment. One option is a solar powered Mp4 player that allows you to play music or video games. The device stays charged via the sun and you have the option to plug other devices into it to get charged as well. –
For those planning to hit the festival circuit this summer, but not willing to give up access to your power craving electronics, you may want to check out this solar table. I can just picture Shakedown with a bunch of people selling grilled cheese of this thing, or walking through the campgrounds to see someone blogging from the table about the festival. –
Having problems getting a signal for your wireless device? Check out this solar powered Wi-Fi repeater. Looking for a signal takes a lot of power, so before your device runs out of juice, let this gadget do the work. –
There is a lot more cool stuff where this came from, so be sure to check out Greenbase the next time your looking for some information about music and climate change. –

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