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Published: 2006/12/21
by John Zinkand

Twas the Night Before Jam Cruise

Twas the night before Jam Cruise
When all through land
Every jam sailor was up thinking about their favorite band;
The hotels were packed with freaks and with heads,
Anxious to shake their free-flowing dreads,
The bands were all thinking about what they would play,
While sailing the ocean on a bright sunny day,
Everyone was up partying and oh, folks were raging,
No one was sleeping; they were talking and engaging,
Scores had been there before, though many had not,
Folks listened to music and shared what they brought. Screw the rest of the country all huddled and cold,
Were off to set sail before we get old!
But in a run down motel on the far edge of town,
An old-school Deadhead was tired; he had to lie down,
Dave needed his rest for the festive days ahead,
So he turned out the lights and then climbed into bed.
Eyes closed shut, sleep engulfed him quick,
Those three Miller Lites had hit like a brick,
Off in the dream he was already sailing the ocean,
Dancing on a cruise ship; so much fun and commotion!
The show in his dream was on a warm starry night,
The heads all frolicked and exclaimed, Outta sight!
When what before Daves bloodshot eyes should appear,
But a small little guy with a familiar gray beard,
A glowing aura around this happy little man,
And he leaned back and smiled, a guitar in his hand!
Oh but this was not Santa, not a toy to be seen,
Daves heart started racing, this must be a dream!
Through the speakers stacks he heard a great sound.
Unmistakable guitar riffs from the fat man abound!
Yes up on the stage he was jamming away,
Mr. Jerry Garcia stepped into the fray.
His playing was on fire and the crowd was in rapture,
Cameras emerged quickly, a moment to capture!
Dave jumped up and down – and then down – and then up,
But he knew his friends would say Shut the Hell up!
As Jerry walked off stage the crowd heartily cheered,
But as he bounced to stage right he just disappeared,
Then from across the room Dave heard a small clatter,
Something jarred him awake, so he investigated the matter,
As he groggily woke he let out a scream,
Awwwww man, it WAS all just a dream!
As he picked up some discs that had fallen from the table,
His heart rate had settled and was now pretty stable.
The next day Dave was sad that his dream was not true,
But he quickly realized there was no need to be blue,
With so many bands and so many days,
All the fun to come, all the sun rays,
No need to dwell on something unreal,
Jam Cruise would be the heady real deal,
As he packed all his things and gathered his clothes,
The sounds of Jerry Garcia again soon arose,
Dave cranked the stereo and got psyched for the cruise,
The music, the people, the salt-air and the booze!
He shouted as he walked by the motel pool,
I am so freaking stoked! Jam Cruise 5 will rule!

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