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Published: 2002/05/21


This month it’s a Lake Trout fan site- Binarycortex. This one has a cool look
to it and exhaustive information about the band. Nic Caudle and Scot Denecker
are at the helm, and Nic offered us his thoughts on the site…
Binarycortex originally started off as two separate fan sites:
Binarycortex and Tomato. Binarycortex housed Scot’s own personal live cd
collection and pictures, and Tomato was my fan page with setlists, dates and
reviews. I took over the official setlist duties in spring 2000. A previous fan
site (SoundsFromBelow) asked me to go through my collection and compile the
missing setlists (I had the largest collection of live LT). I subsequently
found many mistakes and duplicate entries. When my re-write was finished it
was kept at both SoundsFromBelow and Tomato, but SoundsFromBelow wasn’t
updated as often as I liked so Tomato became the default setlist source. In the summer of 2001 we both started getting involved with PHP/MySQL
coding and quickly realized that this would make our web pages easier to
create/maintain while adding a nice amount of user interaction. We joined
forces and combined the two pages into what is now Binarycortex. Binarycortex is currently the only active Lake Trout/Big in Japan fan
page/portal (SoundsFromBelow’s creator, Brian Gearing -a former
Jambands/Jambase contributor- has since joined the peace-corps in Africa),
and we have become the official resource for all setlists, archive and date
info available in the LT/BIJ world. The band has helped out along the way
by giving us access to their tape vault in Baltimore, which in turn has
allowed us to seed the best possible live recordings. We have slowly built an online community with over 130 registered users
(who knows how many use the site that aren’t registered), and are adding
users on a weekly basis. We maintain the database for Lake
Trout/BIJ, seed .shn’s to Furthurnet and I regularly "tree" high-quality
sbd/aud matrix recordings out to the masses. Lake Trout is quickly becoming a musical force in the world. With
several out-of-country appearances in Japan, Italy and Iceland, their fan
base is also quickly growing. It is Binarycortex’s ambition to help
facilitate the spread of live concerts and knowledge of Lake Trout/Big in
Japan on the online world so people can be better informed. We are
constantly coming up with new ideas to help spread this wealth of
information we have been fortunate enough to have been given access to.

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