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Published: 2002/11/24

{This month we decided to take a slightly different tack, in
spotlighting This isn’t a fan site per se as it
the site of musician, ekoostik Hookah percussionist Johnny
"Starcatt" Polansky." On the other hand it does have a number
of community aspects and elements that are more akin to a fan site than
an official band site- so check it out. Then come back and read some words from Johnny…]
Last spring, I decided that I wanted to work on a concept
for a website to fill a gap I believed existed between and all of the wonderful Ekoostik Hookah fan
sites. Ekoostik Hookah has always tried to maintain a
very close relationship with our listening audience from
socializing before and after shows to answering all of our
emails personally.
As I took a deeper look at this relationship, I found
there to be little put into this philosophy when it came
to the official website. As an organization that handles
everything in house, some areas may be put on a higher
priority than others. Being an active part of this
organization, I wanted to help fill any gaps that I could.
However, I wanted to have a forum that I could express
myself without the constraints of an organizational
stance on more controversial issues. I am a man of
extreme expression and I wanted a place I could express
personal opinions that may not fall in line with the
entire Ekoostik Hookah organization while promoting and
supporting Ekoostik Hookah and to the
fullest. This is why I found a great drive to develop
I also wanted a place that everyone could feel a sense of
community from no matter where they were. I wanted all of
them to feel like they have a place to go online to feel
this communal sense. I want the folks back home who
couldn’t make a show on Wednesday in Denver to
somehow feel like they didn’t miss anything by
seeing the pics and set lists as well as stories from that
night relatively soon after the show. I try and give a
look from within the band through the site. It gives
everyone a chance to see what happens on a sort of insider
I feel that Pat Radoszewski has put those thoughts and
philosophies into the virtual form of a website. I am
proud to host a place that it’s ok to say that you
really didn’t like something or that something
doesn’t please you about the community. This site
is not a "pump Hookah up" or all positive
about the scene. I want it to expose when needed the
downside to our scene and what we all can do about it. It
is a place that opinion and debate are welcome, while I
only ask the participants to do it respectfully. As I
state on the discussion page, First off I
don’t mind controversy and debate. I however do mind
folks just saying shit to talk shit. If you really are
upset or passionate about a subject, let it fly, but
please do it in a respectful and cool way. Secondly, and
lastly, any topic is fair game. Please use this board to
express any and all opinions. Have fun, be cool and
express yourself. This is what I am going for.
Thanks for checking in and hangin’ out.
Johnny "Starrcatt" Polansky-Percussionist,
Ekoostik Hookah

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