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Published: 2003/01/23

We start of 2003 with the Particle fan site, Here are some comments from site founders Ben Battistelli and Gregg Lobdell…
Not long ago, in a galaxy very near by (November 2001 in San Diego to be
exact), two Particle fans had an idea… put together a fan website… with
tourdates, setlists, music and all the info Particle People would need.
What started as random thoughts, (‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we could put
something like this together?’, ‘Dude, we CAN put something like this
together.’) soon began to take shape. Ben’s years of professional web
development and Gregg’s intricate knowledge of music files, compression and
transfers were a perfect match. Soon, the full web site and music server
were up and running. We were instantly overwhelmed with the positive
support and feedback coming from the growing number of Particle fans across
the country. It is truly an incredible experience to see what started as a
very small website for, at the time, a fairly small band, grow and evolve
into what it is today.
The Internet has come to play an enormous role in our scene, the way we
communicate, share information and especially trade music. We’ve only seen
the tip of this cyber-iceberg and is proud to be a part of
this information revolution. We are dedicated to bringing you the most
Particle on the web and pushing this electronic medium to its limits.
We recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary and launched our second
complete version of the site. Lots of planning and feedback went into the
decisions about site layout and content, in order to bring you the most info
in the most user-friendly environment. We have some very cool ideas for
upcoming sections and features, including a full multimedia section with
video, photos, poster galleries and more. So, stay tuned Peeps because
2003, the Year of the Black Sheep, is looking to be another good one!
Many, many thanks to everyone out there in Particle land and beyond,
especially the band and their fantastic crew. Without you guys wouldn’t exist. Particle People Unite!!!
Ben Battistelli and Gregg Lobdell – web questions/comments – server questions/comments

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