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Published: 2003/03/25

This month we’ve selected Here are some comments from site founder Scott Preston…
History was first published on October 20, 2000. The site actually came about from my first site that I had
on AOL. As I started learning more about web design, the ideas for started to flow and I
decided to get the domain name, because i exceeded the small web space limit they gave me. The site started with
about 20 pages and 80,000 hits later has grown to over 200. We have over 300 members on our discussion list
from all over the country and even a couple members in Europe. When I started the site I received a lot of help from
Tara, webmistress for, she was very kind in answering questions I had. I think its the right thing to do in
publicly thanking her for her help.
The Site
I wanted fans of ekoostik hookah to have a place to meet each other and a place to go for all the information they
would ever want about ekoostik hookah. The site has a collection of 139 shows reviews dating back to 1999. There are
links to hookah photos taken by many talented fans. A feature that I thought wasn’t offered on too many other sites,
was travel information. Our travel info section of the site has city profiles in 10 states (links to venues, phone numbers
and address’s for hotels, hospitals, taxi’s, police stations, fire dept, local newspapers and a weather forecast for each
city). We have profiles and photos on over 70 of our members. You can also get your own free email address at, joining 376 other people. A newbie central section on the site explains to a beginner trading and
B & P etiquette and where to go for live ekoostik hookah shows. A recent addition to the site is the hookah family
art and craft gallery, featuring artwork and crafts by members of the family.A program that has just been started is
our new "Fan Club" section, where each city will have a person responsible for gathering together fans as often as
possible and help spread the music of ekoostik hookah to as many people as possible. Once enough fan clubs have
been established, an idea has been thrown around about having a national hookah family gathering.
While I have spent thousands of hours working on the site over the last few years, there are hundreds of people who
have wrote show reviews, taken photos, and wrote down setlists that have made possible. Without
the help of all the kind people I have met over the last 12 years of seeing ekoostik hookah perform none of this
would be possible. I wish I could list everybody’s name here. The lifelong friendships that have been established have
been invaluable in making the ekoostik hookah and jam band community a safe and fun one that will continue for
many years to come.
Finally I would like to thank the members of ekoostik hookah and their very dedicated road crew and staff who I have
met over the years who have brought us so many wonderful memories.

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