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Published: 2003/06/27

Arielle Phares introduces the web site for Fellow Lovers of Kimock,
Created entirely by the fans and friends of Steve Kimock, is a gathering place for fans to find the low-down on the guitarist and the scene that follows him. The word FLOK, an acronym for ‘Fellow Lovers of Kimock,’ is a colorful expression created by a highly dedicated fan base over 30 years in the making.
As you navigate through the site, you’ll find the latest news, group travel arrangements, tour information, pre-show gatherings, set lists, concert reviews, CD covers, and up-to-date interviews with Steve Kimock Band members. For guitar lovers, there’s an article on the ‘Inner World of Steve Kimock’s Guitars.’ The web site has endless links and archives, creating a network of resources designed to enhance the Kimock listening experience. Interested visitors can find information on subscribing to two different Kimock-related listserv mailing lists; one intended for relevant discussion topics surrounding Kimock’s music and gear, and another dedicated to show announcements, set lists, and show reviews. Fans are also encouraged to take part in the creation of FLOK.ORG by submitting tour photos, articles and show reviews.
FLOK.ORG also serves as the creative hub for KBase, the fan-based grassroots promotional support team. Visitors can register and join the KBase team, which provides members with access to download handbills and to receive volunteer opportunities via email. The KBase mission is to help spread the buzz about Kimock Music and upcoming Kimock shows. KBase teams are forming and growing throughout the country to provide regional and local support for his various musical projects.
This dynamic, rapidly growing website captures the enthusiasm and dedication that Kimock fans share for him and his music. Providing broad focus on the Steve Kimock Band, as well as his other musical projects and collaborations, FLOK.ORG covers the entire spectrum of the Kimock musical experience.
Planned enhancements for the site include a FLOK member directory that will give fans a way to get in touch with their local (and global) community. With frequent coast-to-coast updates and new audience participation pages in the works, FLOK.ORG continues to grow into a vibrant representation of the highly dedicated fans of Steve Kimock and his music.

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