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Published: 2003/07/28

Given the current Phish summer tour and upcoming IT festival, we’ve decided to feature this month. Herfe is what site founder Jeff Kauflin had to say about the site… is dedicated to the band that has made the scene possible and
to every fan who has had a memorable experience at a Phish concert.
History I originally envisioned the PholkTales idea over the summer of 2000. After
having many memorable Phish experiences of my own, it wasn’t difficult to
realize that others fans have countless stories to tell. We all know that
the Phish environment breeds much magic and sets the stage for incredible
memories, and I don’t see any reason why fans’ stories should go untold.
Since our lives and experiences play an important role in the history of the
band and the history of our culture, why should we let them slip away with
the deterioration of our memories?
Bearing these feelings in mind, I utilized the help of Ideas, Inc. web
development facilities (biggups to webmasters Jon Kurpis and Pat Johnson),
eventually publishing PholkTales in the late summer of 2000. I can’t
describe how much I enjoy maintaining PholkTales… I get a kick out of
every story that comes in. As I continue updating the site, I feel like I’m
am gaining a greater appreciation for the scene that ultimately made
PholkTales possible.
As you navigate the site, be sure to visit the PholkTales Phish Stories
section to read about many fans’ Phish experiences. Hopefully, these
stories will give you an idea of what it’s like to be part of the Phish
community while making you laugh out loud… You’d be surprised how many
funny and shocking incidents have taken place at Phish shows.
Also, check out the ‘RU a Phishhead?’ section to find out what it means to
be a Phishhead. Many, many contributions have made this section extremely
popular and very entertaining, so be sure to stop by. If you have a Phish
tale of your own, or if you think you know what it means to be a Phishhead,
submit your ideas through the submit pages of the site. Finally, the
message board is always busy, so drop in to converse with a good community
of phish fans.
To all of you Phish phans and PholkTales visitors, thanks so much for all of
the contributions you’ve thus far, and keep up the great work so we can
continue to build a colorful documentation of phish phan culture.

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