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Published: 2003/10/28

We return to the north for this month’s fan site- Here is some info on how it came about and where it is going…, Your CANJam Source, has been a source of information to many northern heads across the country for the past year and a half. Founded in 2002 by Graham Pearson, Ottawa music promoter Brad Beamish and Hamilton music promoter Shane McArtney, the site has steadily been flourishing as Canada’s premier reliable source of information, contests and reviews pertaining to the ever growing community of Canadian jam fans.
While does pay close attention to American bands like Phish and moe., and provide a great deal of encouragement for any shows taking place in Canada by American bands, you will find that also has a distinctively Canadian flavor (that would be…maple). Canadian favorites like Grand Theft Bus, Jimmy Swift Band and nero are among the most popular topics of conversation in an active forum.
The three founders along with a team of administrative volunteers work hard at providing up to the minute information on shows and events taking place across the country and below the border. Not only is the site dedicated to delivering information, also provides it’s 1700 registered users with many other benefits. Downloads of Canada’s finest bands and performances are available in both mp3 and bittorrent when available. A web based chat is offered as well as a healthy discussion forum with many sections and encouraging users. Contests for admission to many events (currently Ratdog & moe.) across Canada run on a monthly basis with other varied contests also offered from time to time. The merchandise section of allows Canadian bands an online service to distribute music and also serves as a great method of getting a bands new CD’s to all of the fans before the band has a chance to make it to the far reaches of the country.’s registered users are also available to submit their own news stories, web links, downloads and FAQ’s at their own leisure.
As the nero’s, Grand Theft Bus’ and Jimmy Swift Bands of the great white north take the Canadian scene south, the awareness about Canada’s great bands will grow. will continue to be the authoritative source for the budding Canjam scene. provides free advertising and promotion to help Canadian bands and promoters reach new fans and stay in touch with old ones. also offers a private industry forum for managers, promoters, venues and other industry folks to trade and exchange ideas about upcoming events.
Along with providing a viable source of show information, contests and forums, the team at have tried to incorporate more than just online meetings. Seeking out other hubbers has been encouraged at events like Phish’s IT festival, moe.down, Canada’s own Evolve Festival and New Brunswick’s Spring and Fall Equinox festivals.
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