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Published: 2005/09/09

_This month Dave Pecoraro talks about the development of
How came to be:
When The Breakfast formed in 1998 (then ‘Psychedelic Breakfast’), I instantly fell in love with their music. It wasn’t hard. I had grown up with 3/4 of the band (Tim Palmieri, Ron Spears, and Adrian Tramontano) and had the privilege of being able to hear them develop as musicians at a young age. It became clear in high school that these guys were born to play music, and it was exciting to think about what the future had in store for my friends.
When they met Jordan Giangreco, they clicked almost instantly. Before long, PB was playing multiple nights per week, and building a fanbase of some of the finest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.
As the band began to blossom, I wanted to do everything in my power to help my friends succeed with their dream. I had recently got into taping, and started taping PB as much as I could and spreading their music far and wide.
I became the official ‘archivist’ of the band, and continue to record, archive, and distribute their music to this day.
Much like the band itself, is a product of evolution. In the early days of the band’s existence, we had a [PB Fans] YahooGroup set up, where fans could send emails back and forth all day long about the band.
This was great for a while, but as time went on, more fans meant more emails, and the YahooGroup became less and less practical.
Sometime in 2001, I had a vision of a fans website for the band, and purchased the domain name for future use. Finally in April 2003, with the help of a couple folks who are no longer around, that vision was realized. was launched and the YahooGroup was put to rest. It was nothing fancy – just a message board. But the fans loved it, and that made me want to work on the site more and more. By spreading my recordings, I hope to make some people fans of the band. With the site, I want to keep people fans of the band.
The band changed their name to The Breakfast in 2004, and became soon after. There’s been no looking back since then, and ‘dot info’ has grown into the ultimate resource for any Breakfast fan. Still nothing fancy – dot info strives to be content-heavy and easy on the eyes.
-The forums are growing every day, with more posts and posters than ever before.
-Radio Joe gives fans over 100 live Breakfast shows streaming on demand, from
-Setlists are usually up by the morning after a show, with many shows now getting live song-by-song updates!
-The Calendar features details, maps, and roll calls for all upcoming Breakfast shows and side projects.
-The Gallery has become a photo archive (nearing 3,000 photos) for fans to submit their pics from past shows.
-There are close to 200 fan-submitted reviews in the Review Archive, and the new Breakfast Digest is now online.
-Other features include a live chat room, member polls, and lyrics to every current Breakfast original.
Future plans for the site include a comprehensive, interactive song and setlist archive. More ‘skins’ for the site will also be made available, in addition to the 3 which users can currently choose from. has become something very near and dear to me. It is something that couldn’t exist without the love I have for my friends in the band, the music they make, and the fans surrounding them. There is a lot of heart behind the framework of .info, and that is what will keep on producing the best possible resource for fans of the Breakfast. I would like to extend a thank you to the fans for their continued support, and to Cloud 9 Internet for hosting
Dave Pecoraro

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