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Published: 2006/07/20


_This month our featured Fan Site is OrganAndDrums.Net
OrganAndDrums.Net is dedicated to the fans of the Benevento-Russo Duo. Launched in early 2006, it quickly attracted fans and bombarded its members with breaking news, band contact, insider info, pictures and other chatter surrounding the two man wall of sound that is the Duo.
The bands humble kindness has pulled in fans from all over the world to a site which focuses on friendliness and welcoming new fans. With posts and updates by Joe and Marco themselves, their management, crew, family and friends, the site holds an intimate feeling not found on any other fan site.
The Duo had a great deal of success in 2005 from a grueling tour and their release of Best Reason To Buy The Sun. An email list that connected the band to its fans had grown large enough to warrant a fan site. James Curran and Nicholas Tolson teamed up to make a reality.
James Curran, the man behind the idea to launch, became a friend of Marco after meeting his cousin as a college roommate. James started seeing Marco play in late 95 in smoke-filled jazz bars in Annapolis, MD. Being a freelance lighting director, he started running the lights for many shows when Marco and Joe began touring as the Duo in 2003. With their growth and their devoted fans, the .net domain of the Duos official website was launched
Nicholas Tolson, a freelance photographer and internet marketing geek who had been keeping a close camera eye on the Duo since a mutual friend introduced him to them, added the technical know-how to get the current version of the up and running. Nicholas continues to document the band’s travels and add to the photographic history of the Duo while keeping running smoothly.
The common thread that flows through all of this is friendship and family. James became friends with Marco through Marco’s cousin. Nicholas got to know the Duo through a friend of theirs from junior high. Members of Marco and Joe’s families post to the site regularly. And everyone on the site is committed to keeping it a friendly place for Duo fans to come together online.
Future plans for include: A fully accessible archive including pictures, stories,, and more A live chat option An archive of hosted shows for download Interviews Blogs Show reviews and more Real-time set list and picture updates from shows Keeping the friendly vibe going strong
Visit, join and post today!

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