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Published: 2007/09/20

The Greenhaus Effect

This month weve selected one of our own, as Senior Editor Mike Greenhaus talks up his blog, The Greenhaus Effect, and finally spills the beans about brother Dan
So, while I have your complete undivided attention, I wanted to start by debunking a longstanding urban (shakedown street?) legend that Dan Greenhaus and I are in fact brothers, cousins, the same person and/or some sort of Austin Powers/Dr. Evil/Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde cocktail of identical DNA. While I suspect were related somewhere along the hereditary line—-I mean how many Jewish, jamband freaks with the last name Greenhaus can there be in a single city—-I didnt actually talk to Dan until I moved to Manhattan a few years ago and didnt meet him face to face until Jazz Fest 2005 (though, oddly enough, we grew up an hour away from each other, attended neighboring summer camps and saw somewhere between 71-72 of the same Phish shows, depending on how you count that pesky Letterman Marquee appearance in your PT stats).
But, I did start reading Dans work while in college and the fact that another writer shares my sir name did inspire me to think ahead and purchase for the slightly inflated lot price of $8 (1 year for $5/ 2 for $8) the week after I graduated in 2003. At first I thought about devoting my full attention to or using it as some sort of digital portfolio, but a few months later I started working at Relix/ full time and the next thing I knew it was 2006 and my dormant domain name was eerily in danger of being snagged by some environmentally conscious porn site.
So one Sunday almost two years ago, when I should have been cleaning my apartment after a party, I decided to try my hand at blog writing, partially as an exercise in 1st person writing and partially because it was the most convenient way to let the entire world know that sat next to Natalie Portman at a Sigur Ros after party a week earlier. And, while I dont consider myself much of a blogger, and alas Natalie hasnt posted a comment on my site just yet, its been a pretty nifty way to procrastinate during the wee hours of the morning hours and tackle important issues like the evolution of my name from Michael>Mike>Mikey or my somewhat embarrassing obsessions with chocolate milk (and of course Natalie).
Id probably just keep rambling on, but then youd never make it to my blog, so Ill stop now by thanking Jon, Jen, Juan and all the other people those names begin with J that have proofread the site over the past few yearsand Dean for asking me to plug my self-indulgent digital diary during one of our daily, post-coffee, pre-work conversations in the headquarters.
I hope you all enjoy this as much as Ill likely regret sharing it and feel free to point out my typos in the comments section. Oh, and yeah, if youre at all like me and like to wade through the webs ocean of blogs during work hours, then make sure to turn off your computer speakers before my page starts serenading your entire office with vintage episodes of the Cold Turkey podcast I host for Relix. Not that theres anything wrong with that

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