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Published: 2008/09/23

This month’s fan site is, which is devoted to the music of New Mastersounds. Here Mike Wright (fan fact: former moe. tour manager) talks about the site…
Back in the day, I started to slide my interest from the typical jamband music and moved into the obscure fringes of that world – Funk. The Funky Meters and the Greyboys got me there and I slowly realized that funk music was it for me. Amazing musicianship and you can dance until your legs fell off with that head bobbin beat. What more could you ask for? I obsessed for years over it and wished that the jamband scene would embrace funk music to no avail.
My collection of 45s and Compilation albums grew to the same extent as my moe., phish and dead collection did back in the day. I was at home in my obsessive little funk world. It also made me sad I would not see the greats live. All that changed when I got my first New Mastersounds music.
I started my friendship with the New Mastersounds on a dirty little lie that shames me to this day. I was pretty prominent on the old Oink site funk section when someone posted an album called The New Mastersounds – This Is What We Do. He was bragging about it and in my never-ending craving for new funk downloaded it. It pretty much changed the way I listened to new music. I went on over to which I do for all random funk purchases and bought the collection. I could not stop listening.
My wife Jessica soon followed suit in our obsession and we decided to fly to Italy to see this band and to get a vacation. We realized that not only is this band the best band we saw live they were some of the funniest and nicest human beings on the planet. I wanted so much to help them grow in any way I could. I helped promote but it always bothered me that there was no single place to talk about the New Mastersounds and the Funk Scene in general. I told the band I was going to make the board and it made them smile so I went for it.
My buddy Rocco who owns Rock-Solid Internet ( told me he would help me get a site up and learn PHP. The Minx would not be a site without his help. After about 10 tries the site went fully live around March of 2008. Of course I named the site off of the song that made me obsessed with the band in the first place.
What I didnt realize is that people from ALL over the world slowly started to come on board and loved this band as much as I did without any publicity. We have folks from Holland, Japan, Israel, Africa, Australia and everywhere else in the world that came on board. The Jamband world slowly is picking up speed on the fanbase so I get so excited when some of the ol’ phantasyphish or phishook folks show up. They get a personal funkeducation. All of us loving Funk and loving the New Mastersounds.
Here are some fun things we have over at the Minx to funk your world:

I added a Jukebox we call the Minxbox that I spin rare funk 45s, great new funk and New Mastersounds live material. Theres a live Chat where we talk funk, do live chats with artists and have listening parties. The site has its own Legal music tracker for New Mastersounds shows including exclusive Soundboards for the fans to download. Theres an Arcade where you can get your Donkey Kong on while listening to the funk. The Gallery is where everyone can upload pics to share with all. The messageboard is broken up into many sections to talk to fellow boppers: General Funk Discussion – A board to talk about anything and everything. New Mastersounds News – News flashes from the band and about them. Funk Scene General – Talking about funk scene’s all over the world. Funk 45 Hunt – Need help finding that dusty ol 45 that will tear your set up? Talk here. This site does not sell any 45s but drools over them every day. DJs that rip the Funk – It’s DJs that create this Funk scene. Whos your favorite? Funk Touring & Tickets – Flying to Europe and need tix or someone to dance with at that next funk show? Funk Album Review – Since there is no real home of funk to get solid Funk Album or 45 reviews do that here. So come on over and talk funk with us. If you need a funk education you will definitely get it. We’re celebrating the best kept secret in the world – The New Mastersounds Funk Scene. Right on! Mike Wright.

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