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Published: 1998/09/15
by Matt Iarrobino

Dick Picks the Wetlands

Audience Member: What about The Other Ones and taping?

Dick: There’s a lot of audience tapes of them.

Steve: There also making boards. Ya, they recorded, didn’t they record multi-tracks of the summer tour.

Dick: Oh ya they recorded 48 track digital.

Audience Member: They’re all over the Internet know.

Dick: Not the boards!

Audience Member: Not the boards, right.

Dick: I hope so. Because it’s some of the most phenomenal shit you ever want to get close to again. I believe…OK. I’m gonna put myself on a line, but I don’t know how you guys read it. I don’t care (audience laughs). I believe that ah, I never felt as good as I felt that July 25th, that the final show at Shoreline. I didn’t go to the 24th because I was too scared to go to two in a row. And that a complicated reasoning or answer, but its too much things invested in it. So I thought, well OK, 25th. And I came away after seeing Phish the weekend before thinking nothing in the universe could ever top what I saw at the Phish show. A phenomenal, I’ve never seen anything that incredible. I right away said, this is right on the level of Derrick and the Dominoes and the best Grateful Dead shows I’ve ever seen. But then after seeing The Other Ones, which I did not think would ever come up to snuff, after that Phish show, well, it’s like someone said on the Internet, going to a Phish show I never cried at a Phish show, so that’s what it comes down to. It’s apples and oranges really, but, goddamn man, if you were in the bay area in July, there was some monster music played.

(Dick Makes an interesting point here, and mentions a good way to test your devotion to either one of these two amazing bands. I consider myself as loving both equally. I have felt like crying at a Dead show especially when they played something that I really wanted to hear or, they played a song that touches me. The same has happened to me at many Phish shows, for example, during the slow part in Slave to the Traffic Light. That point in the song seems to always conjure up powerful memories that evoke emotion: the girl that got away, old friends, old experiences, and things of that nature. At the Phish show in Salt Lake City, summer 1995, they played Slave in the second set. During this part of the song, I saw a girl crying a few rows below me.)

Steve: And Billy sure looked like he was having a good time. He was in the right place at the right time!

Dick: Ya it looked like it. I don’t know man, it was so thrilling to see Mickey and Billy hug each other, it looked real! I don’t know if it was real, I mean I assume it’s real!

Audience Member: What do you think of The Other One’s two guitarist choices?

Dick: Ya, I have a lot of thoughts on that, man, because when I went down, the rehearsals went down, Stan was not playing, OK you know, I really thought he had it too, cuz I hear him warming up, you know, when a the heats not on, and he had chops, he had something to say. But when it came to the Branford and Bruce night at the Warfield, I was there so, I just was amazed that he really just didn’t step right up in there and declare his territory, and as a result, he didn’t make it into the shuffle, and so then there was a scramble, so suddenly I went to work one day, and I’m not privy to all this inside knowledge, believe me, there aren’t board meetings, there aren’t meetings of any kind. No one supervises me, I mean everyone’s on their own, its a crazy organization. So, I didn’t know, one day I go to work, and there’s someone rehearsing for the spot, and I said wow, OK, who is this guy? And I made it a point which I normally wouldn’t have done to stick my nose in and listen, because your in this Grateful Dead scene, you don’t stick your nose in anything unless there’s something you need to know, and I learned the hard way, so I can tell you, I tend to keep away from stuff I don’t need to know. Anyway, I watched this guy come on and his name is Mark Karan and I saw him then I listened to the tapes because I had to make rehearsal tapes for the band members so they could decide who to go with, you know. (Dick laughs) It’s really funny because down to the June 4th show at the Warfield, I didn’t think I was going, then an old girlfriend of mine said, c’mon lets go, then I thought, well ya, I have to go, but I didn’t know who was would show up. Because they were debating who was going to be in the band still! Can you guys relate to that, man? June 4th, ’98 at the Warfield, their first gig, and they are still having personnel problems. For me personally I had this flash going through the tunnel looking at the bridge as you do when you from Marin into San Francisco, and I thought, you know, The Grateful Dead have a history of pulling magic out of really, just the worst circumstances and, making the best circumstances really boring, like Egypt or many New Years.

(Steve asks the audience if they like the two guitarists together and there is some discussion that I can’t make out on the tape. They mention the Allman Brothers riffs in the shows.)

Dick: Anyone went to Alpine, I want to know man, that must be the show of all. Did anyone go to Alpine?

Steve: You know threes Phil and Friends show happening, what, next week?

Dick: As we speak!

Steve: Tonight? Ya it’s supposed to be Phil and Steve and***

Dick: Weir, probably. I mean, it’s a good group, but man The Other Ones! OK, well, let’s have some music man, none of you come up with any interesting questions.

Audience Member: Dick, what about videos?

Dick: There’s no such thing because video is a whole other world for me. Closing of Winterland is my goal for a video.

Audience Member: What’s the story with the Sunshine Daydream video?

Dick: I don’t even want to talk about that. _

( The Sunshine Daydream video is a concert movie, in the style of The Grateful Dead Movie, that was shot at the famous 8/27/72 show in Veneta, Oregon. When the fan asks, What’s the story, it seems to imply that there is some controversy over it. All I know is that at the Phish show in Darien Lake, NY during the summer of 1997, Ken Kesey, Ken Babbs, and the other pranksters were advertising the sale of the video. They passed out flyers advertising the video for $40.00 through the Pranksters organization. The flyer said that if you want the video, to send $40.00 to an address in Eugene, OR and it would be mailed to you. It then read Never trust a prankster! Kind of sketchy! )

Audience Member: What about Barton Hall? 5/8?

Dick: Don’t we all have that in perfect quality?

Audience Member: Yes

Dick: I mean isn’t there some shows around that time frame that are really good to? We can all name ‘em. I went to Boston and saw the greatest Half Step in the history of the planet. Name one folks! If anyone can come up with a better Half Step, I will give you my house. Name one that’s close!!

Audience: Englishtown!!!!

Dick: That’s close, but not over. No No No. OK, we’ve got to go man. I could talk all night! Applause

. He calls himself the fall guy. In my private conversations with Dick, he made it a point to say that he is just like me! An huge fan that collects tapes, and nothing more. Dick takes a lot of heat for not releasing this, or releasing this, and it seems he wants all of his to know that he’s just like all of us music fans. There are other forces that are making the decisions on what to release. I found him to be extremely intelligent and honest. It was great to meet and see him speak!)
Matt Iarrobino hails from Lynn, MA and graduated from Syracuse University in 1997. He now lives in NY where he is a DJ and lighting designer at the Wetlands Preserve and a photographer for the Television Food Network

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