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Published: 2000/09/15
by Barry Smolin

Creatures From the Mutant Lagoon: The Re-Emergence of the Ominous Seapods

BS: Why do you think your music attracts such a psychologically warped fan base?

DANA: It’s because we dare to be different. We are mutants ourselves, always have been and always will be. We don’t really give a fuck what anyone has to say about that. There is nothing worse than being a sheep led to slaughter. I think in this day and age “psychologically warped” can mean that you think for yourself and you challenge the dominant paradigm. Fuck it, be yourself! Be a freak! Don’t let others tell you what you should like and how you should act. That is the attitude that attracts the mutants, I think.

TOM: Our music has definitely always appealed to a certain “outside” element. I think it’s because we ourselves have never quite fit into any category. We’re considered a jamband by many, but quite a few of our songs have no jams whatsoever. When we do jam, it can often take on fairly dark overtones. We have some fans in Syracuse, who shout out at shows for us to “Get Dark!” One day, they brought flash cards rating just how dark we got. I think the range was from “limo-tint dark” on the lighter side to “total eclipse” on the darker extreme. That’s an example of the kinds of fans we get. Sometimes our humor over the years has been pretty twisted to say the least, and that may have reached out to certain fringe types. Sometimes we’ve gone for a rip-your-face-off rock and roll assault that may have been a little too much for the ears of the non-mutated. This album, “The Super Man Curse,” however, I think can appeal to those folks we may have scared off in the past as well as the true mutants.

BS: Speaking of mutants, do you think Al Gore would enjoy your music?

TED: I’m confident that the Ominous Seapods would be Al Gore’s guilty pleasure.

BS: What about Tipper?

TED: Tipper would react to the Ominous Seapods in Al’s stereo the same way she would if she found a Hustler Magazine in his suitcase.

BS: Are you prepared to perform at the Inauguration if you get the call?

DANA: We are prepared, and we’re rehearsing for the Inauguration Ball.

BS: What song would you open with?

TED: There could be only one opening number . . .

DANA: . . . “Bong Hits and Porn.”

BS: Heh. I shouldn’t have had to ask.

DANA: It’s got a little something for everyone.

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