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Published: 2001/11/19
by Jamie Minotti

A Trip to The B-side

San Diego, CA – After being on the road for over two months, the band many feel can bring down the barriers of world music, return home to release their long awaited third album, “Movement” on Surfdog Records. The B-side Players have been asked by many to place themselves in one specific style of music. They have been described as Latin, Jazz, Funk and Reggae and although all of these genres may apply in any of the shows the Band performs they should be classified more so under the label of just plain, talented.

The band’s member size can range from night to night depending on where they are performing. In San Diego, the place the band calls home, you may see 10 musicians onstage. Friends and Family frequently sit in with the band not only for one or two songs, but complete sets and many times for the duration of show. Seven members now make up the core of the band, the wide range of instruments including those which make them unique, such as horns, a flute and full percussion section, mix Latin and African sounds as one.

With an underlying of Afro-Cuban beats in most songs the groups performs, the band plays true World music in every sense of the word. One song may have a reggae vibe to it, where the next maybe be jazz or even funk. The band has the ability to transform because of the wide range of influences they grew up around including traditional Mexican, Salsa, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Rock, Hip-Hop, and even Punk. This band is the real deal no limits, no barriers just music.

This Fall tour began with the B-side Players playing with the Wacha Tour, which has been described as the Warped Tour of Latin America. There the Band played for an audience that they had not targeted in the past. Lead Singer, Karlos Paez describes, “It was great to play for those Latin youth, they appreciate the music so much. Its great to be able to get back to our roots.”

From there the Tour continued to gain momentum in the States with the Band joining with Mike Clark, Bill Summers, Paul Jackson formerly of the Headhunters and Fred Wesley of James Brown, labeled the Prescription Renewal Tour. “These guys are heavy cats in the game” Karlos explains, “we were able to learn a lot and just suck up the music.” During this leg of the tour the Band was able to continue to glue and experience with new improv methods. The result was playing great music and once again continuing to broaden their fan base.

“People are paying to see us play, last night the fucking tickets were $17.50 that’s a lot of money, we want to make sure they have fun. When were in Chico or Arcata there’s a bunch of young hippie kids that just want to dance, you can play almost anythingin Detroit it’s a room full of Black dudes that are like What you got?’ so we Funk it up and their like Oh yeah!’ We play to our audience that’s what makes us, who we are.”

As they moved to the East, they hooked up with Toots and the Maytals and Israel Vibrations. Both of these Reggae bands are also heavy touring acts through not only the states, but the Islands as well. B-side was able to once again diversify their fan base. Heavy non-stop touring with other talented bands of various genres has created a solid fan response at every show through out the Country.

The hub of entertainment was a likely turn around for the Tour. New York has proved to live up to its hype of producing most of the music we listen to today. “When you’re in the East you need to play fucking good,” Karlos states with the most serious face of the interview, “Everybody’s a Musician there and they’re good.” B-Side began headlining their own shows from New York traveling back West.

The work paid off as shows in Colorado, Utah and Northern California practically sold out each night. Continuing back home to San Diego, they began to look forward to this very night. An evening where friends and family could come together to celebrate the Bands dedication to the sometimes-overlooked product of good music.

The show on Saturday, October 20th, which took place at Cane’s, a very unique venue in Pacific Beach, seemed more like a family reunion rather than a CD release party. The vibe of the room and pleasant people made the night of music that much better. The mixture of old music from their two previous albums, “Renacimiento” and “Culture of Resistance” as well as music from the new album, “Movement” made the crowed continue to groove until the early morning hours.

The B-side Players are a band that each and ever music fan should be excited about seeing every time they play. Never expect the same show and always suspect new music. As young as they may be, this band knows how to tour and entertain all types of audiences and will be with us for many years to come. Keep an eye out and an open ear, because it could be your turn to take a trip to the B-side.

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