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A Response to ‘What Happened to the Jambands Community?’

_Editor’s note: Two month ago we ran David Steinberg’s article, "What Happened to the Jambands Community?" Which we feel raised some significant issues (which is why we highlighted it as a featured column). Matthew S. Rosenberg read the piece and did not agree with David’s assertions. Matthew felt so strong about it that we present his response below but before you read it, we suggest you take another look at David’s original essay

Where do you come in being able to say such ridiculous remarks about people you've never met? You went on tour 10 years ago but what have you seen lately? If you would see bands like Cornmeal, Chicago Afro-Beat Project, TLG, Perpetual Groove, and maybe think twice about your comments, likewise the community of kids and jamband fans. Sounds to me a can a soda upsets you more than the real truth. What is real though, right. Kids are kids, as you were traveling around doing your drugs and parading in your own science fiction movie.

I just got back from 3 Sisters Park and, the three nights 3 hours outside of any major city was quite relaxing and there wasn't very many of anything your say in your article that's really true. I've been in your shoes, so you sold pop, these kids need to make a living to in order to eat a meal, just like you did. I met not one person that at all resembles anything you say in your article. To be honest, it sounds like you did do too many Phish shows since most of what you say reminds me of kids begging for money or "shwill" of my beer. Actually, the show was a very relaxing weekend with a lot of kind people, yes some were drunk, but don't 99% of the people that go to jamband shows there to have a good time?

If you don't have anything worthwhile to say don't say it, because you are absolutely wrong about all this mockery stuff. That is a natural human characteristic and behavior that occurs everyday in our lives, whether at a show or not, seems you need to really get out there and listen to the new culture of jambands that are progressing and creating a killer scene. A new jam community is evolving, and of course there are some of what you refer to as but I won't even get into that. Why even bring up the Grateful Dead? What does the Dead have to do with Tea Leaf Green, New Monsoon, Cornmeal, etc….? Yes, I know a lot of these guys and they play their heart out and I also watch the whole community gather together again as one, a trimuph.

In regards to your ticket pricing comments, give me a break. In fact I remember in 1993 at a Dead show people were selling tickets for $70.00 a piece. Where you get $20, I've never heard of and have been to over 100 dead shows. They are two different genres, yes the Dead pioneered the scene, but I think you need to go see another show. Everything you say is way off as kids are now having fun and coming back to a complete community. Some young, some old "heads" and not one person said anything negative like this…

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