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Published: 2006/05/18
by Larry Bloch

On The Occasion of Receiving the Topper-Zahn-Schnee-Lukins-Strasburg-Hays Award

On April 20, Larry Bloch the founder of New York’s Wetlands Preserve was honored at the 2006 Jammys. He received the Jammys Industry Award, formerly the Grahammy Jammy and formerly (as originally envisioned), the Topper-Zahn-Schnee-Lukins-Strasburg-Hays Award. Anyhow, Larry asked for the opportunity to share the thoughts he made from the stage that evening upon accepting the award, and here they are

Dedication comes more easily when you are living out your dream.

Wetlands was a dream come true.

Hundreds of people shared that dream in order to envision, to build, and to bring Wetlands alive 7 nights a week.

And what of the scene.

Of all of you.

People creating community for an evening, or a lifetime.

People coming together to weave magic in the air.

A psychedelic rainbow of music energized by spontaneity.

Of smiling and dancing.

Of hearts and souls uplifted.

Of people focusing on what they want instead of what they don't want.

Of people working together to plan a just and sustainable future.

It has been an honor to have served that scene.

May you discover goodness in every person.

May you discover joy in every day.

Thank You.

Enjoy the beautiful day,


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