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Published: 2007/05/24
by Taylor Hill

Visions of Bonnaroo 2006

Next month, Visions of Bonnaroo 2007!

As I was walking into the media tent after setting up camp with Mom and Dad, I saw Vibemaster Russ Bennett talking with some of his fellow travelers in the still-closed Centeroo.

Centeroo Fountain by day.

Centeroo Fountain by night.

The famed Silent Disco. You could boogie down with whomever and then actually have a conversation with the person if you so desired. Most of all, you could sit outside the disco, exhausted, and laugh at everyone after a late-night show.

A remarkable moment in an otherwise normal Robert Randolph show. Randolph normal is fantastic, but his previous Bonnaroo performances had created otherworldy expectations that he didn’t quite meet.

Death Cab for Cutie actually started early (!) and gave its all to win over the Bonnaroo crowd.

Matisyahu brought four rabbis with him and Shabbat (the bringing in of the Sabbath at sundown Friday) services were held with Lubavitchers, Orthodox, conservadox, conservative, Reform, and secular Jews and curious hippies. There is something ancient and wonderful about holding a religious service in a pasture and made me think of when this happened thousands of years ago. The diverse crowd and hospitality to Jews and Gentiles alike made this a quintessential Bonnaroo moment. This picture is at the last moments before sunset (can’t take pictures after sunset) when the women light candles to bring light into the world.

Jim James of My Morning Jacket. Hair flying everywhere. Unreal show. Get the tapes.

One of the many eclectic and wonderful Bonnaroo press conferences. L to R: Mike Gordon, John Popper, Allan Toussaint, and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley.

Dr. Dean Budnick’s Elvis Presley, Elvis Costello.

For Beck’s encore, two men in bear suits came out with an 80’s boom box and wrestled. Another quintessential Bonnaroo moment. Note that they did a puppet show in the background of the two bears fighting. Again, that’s Bonnaroo.

Thom Yorke of Radiohead during “15 Step.” It was the single greatest show I have ever seen. No one will ever dance like Thom Yorke. You can see a video of “15 Step” at Bonnaroo here, under “Radiohead first two songs.” It starts at the 3:47 mark and Thom Yorke becomes a dervish about 30 seconds into the song and shows the crowd why Radiohead is one of the four or five greatest live bands in the world.

Dr. John the Night Tripper, back from the grave after a couple of decades.

G.R.A.B. at the SuperJam to the surprise and joy of all.

G.R.A.B. at the SuperJam

Matisyahu brought his posse into the press tent for lunch.

Another great Bonnaroo press conference this was the last and best one of the festival. L to R: Ken “DJ Pork Ribs” Weinstein of Big Hassle Media, Mike Skinner of The Streets, Steve Earle, Phil Lesh, Rob Derhak of moe., and Matisyahu.

Matisyahu Miller brings out special guest Leivi Miller for his Bonnaroo performance on Father’s Day. He held him up and said “we were put on this Earth to make babies and prosper,” at which point my father started crying.

The baby was pleased.

And can’t forget mothers. L to R: Taylor Hill, Sandi Hill. Happy belated Mother’s Day, mom.

Phil Lesh and Friends, seen here with Joan Osborne, closed the festival.

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