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Published: 2007/07/24
by Taylor Hill

Visions of Bonnaroo 2007: Friday (Tooter To Tool)

Indeed (drinks and food too)

Brazilian Girls cover Weens Touch My Tooter. No, I actually had no idea what song this was, nor did I care. Brazilian Girls play the most retarded music known to man, and its so awesome.

Graffiti artists creating the decorations we all love.

Press Conference: Warren Haynes, Richard Thompson, and Deputy Sheriff David Cross, among others.

Kings of Leon prove that good cock rock is never dead.

A random guy asked me to take his picture and I liked the results.

I think I just barely got all of The Roots in a picture.

Tool started with a bang.

and continued with Kabuki theatre in front of the most disturbing images imaginable. I knew this was coming, and gladly chose to leave my Third Eye closed.

Rumor has it that Keenan has a black belt, and from his dance agility, I wouldnt be surprised. He moves like a cross between a cowbody, a bouncer, a black belt, and a ballerina, and does so in a Kabuki way. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw.


Danny Careys cast bronze drum kit. Rumored price tag: $80,000. Made from melted cymbals. The man is a machine.


Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome, the Nightwatchman himself, the master of gaywad solo, Tom f—-in Morello! Crowd went nuts, and Tom went off with his signature sound for five minutes, interrupted only when Maynard brought him a telephone. I guess Tool can master the art of the jam and the sit-in.

Vicarious brought the laser show to its climax. This picture will never do it justice, nor will any picture. Only time I was happy about the dust.

Glowstick war during String Cheese.

Dean Budnick and Mike Greenhaus put the paper to bed around six in the morning.


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