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Published: 2007/08/24
by Taylor Hill

Visions of Bonnaroo 2007: Saturday (Castaways and Confetti)

Elvis Perkins does his best John Lennon while Alec Ounsworth does his best Bob Dylan in the Bonnaroo annual press concert.

The beater tan will never not be funny. Ladies and gentlemen of the Bonnaroo class of 2007, always remember to wear sunscreen.

Andy Langer from Esquire Magazine hosts a press conference with Ziggy Marley, Lewis Black, Xavier Rudd, and Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne.

Official Taylor Hill crush Regina Spektor was overwhelmed by the massive crowd at Which Stage, then she overcame and delivered a stunning show and won thousands of new fans. Her quirky banter and earnestness brought idealistic doe-eyed hopefulness back into style.

She can go from cute to passionate in about .064 seconds.

Chali 2na, formerly of Jurassic 5, representing for Galactics once-in-a-lifetime show. The inimitable Wayne Coyne, the guy from Spoon, Bob Weir, and Pete Yorn . Wayne spent most of his time talking about Bob Weir and how he had ripped off the Grateful Deads business model.

I have better pictures of The Hold Steady, but this shows just how much fun they were. Who knew indie rock could be so unpretentious, joyful, and angst-free?

Ween was gleefully obnoxious, pumping out a giant mist to commingle with the dust and , thusly fogging up their tent, allowed them to use their light show in the daytime.

The Police may have screwed us with a 100-minute show that was shorter than their normal shows, but it was incredible for that brief time. If you dont believe me, check out Synchronicity II

Just a castaway

The leap at the end of Message in a Bottle. I didnt quite pull this one off

Mr. Andy Summers

The cover shot of the Sunday Bonnaroo Beacon Sting doing a classic Phallus Bassist pose with the two others forming a triangle of sorts.

If I didnt have a shot of Wayne in a hamster ball, would it still be Bonnaroo 2007? No.

Race for the Prize and the confetti went a-flyin

Waynes just got that aura.

Mr. Steven Drozd, pronounced Drozzed.

Alien women in diabolical futuristic micro-minis thanks to the work of Mr. Justin Crockett, animal wrangler for the Flaming Lips.

Wayne asked us to take the 10,000 laser pointers he gave us and to shine it on one giant balloon of the many floating through the crowd.

Do You Realize? and the epic experience that the Flaming Lips set out to create for their fans.

Chris Vinyard locks the laptop containing the Bonnaroo Beacon in the Big Hassle office. Dr. Dean Budnick calmly lies down on his back, kicks in the air grate, and crawls through. The things we do to bring you that paperare the same things we do to bring you Relix Magazine, so click here and subscribe to Relix so I can keep taking blackmail photos of Dean!

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