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Published: 2007/08/24
by Taylor Hill

Visions of Bonnaroo 2007: Sunday (Mavis In The Morning Through FInal Sunset)

Widespread Panics John Bell flirts with Mavis Staples.

Jambands.coms Randy Ray professes his love for Mavis, and offers her Starbucks, which leaves J.B. in a distant second as they race for Mavis heart.

Bob Weir goes yet another day without shaving.

The RatDog crowd takes us back to Bonnaroos past, with the arch in the distance.

Get well soon, MK.

Three nerds.. I had no idea my hat was tilted like that and should probably be shot for it. The dork in the middle released No Depression and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and was waiting in line for the batting cages, and he belied his reputation with a big grin for the picture. The one on the right, Jonathan Metts, babysat me through the festival (see column) and I want to thank him and say that if your friendship can survive Bonnaroo when your RV gets cut out from under you the day before, it will endure past the fall of man. End of self-indulgent ramble.

P.S. Dude, we so met Tweedy!

Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys do their best to play their music and stay unafraid of the hippies.

This is a face that has seen a lot of things, who wrote music that Dylan steals shamelessly, who played clawhammer banjo with Bill Monroe as a peer, and who burned down O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Every photographer tries to make light shine through musicians hair. Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother has a lot of hair, and was almost a match for the Bonnaroo sun.

I will marry you, pretty Meggy-O.

Jack White and big sister Meg started about five seconds after walking onstage and never let up.

Jack White, hair flying everywhere.

At Bonnaroo 2007, dust was the new mud, and it reached epic proportions on Sunday…

...which made for a beautiful sunset as I reluctantly bid goodbye for another year, after my most tumultuous Bonnaroo ever. Except for being Radioheadless, this was the greatest lineup ever assembled at Bonnaroo, and, next year, with the permanent site improvements, Bonnaroo will enter a new dimension that should revolutionize not only the festival but festivals in America. I cant wait to come back next year. Hopefully, they will have taken the main stage barricade down, and the crowd will be one again. If you missed it, for whatever reason, you still have no excuse. If you have never been, go next year. After you are done kicking yourself for never having been, you will be able to heal and enjoy the four days youll think about for 361 more.

E: One of the giant bobbleheads silhouetted by the full light blast of “Seven Nation Army.” No Widespread photos; I was exhausted and could barely walk. Sorry. Goodnight. See you next year with another four of these.

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